Honda Motor World, Inc.

Brief introduction

Honda Motor World Inc. is one of the leading motorcycle dealerships in the Philippines. The company was founded by Mr. Max Borromeo and established in December 1993. The name of the company was suggested by Mr. Takashi Hasegawa of Honda Philippines. On March 24, 1994, the first store was opened in Mandaue, Cebu, and still growing to expand around the Philippines. Today Honda Motor World Inc. is ably managed by Mr. Jose Daniel Borromeo, President together with its people will continue to give our customers consistent customer care and services.

Our Full Story

History of Honda Motor World Inc.

This short story about the HMWI is a very interesting one. It is unique as well as original in its setting, conceptualizing as well as implementation.

May of 1993

When it all started

It all started in May of 1993 when Mr. Toyoji Matsuyama who was then the President and General Manager of Honda Cars Philippines and Mr. Takashi Hasegawa, the President and General Manager of Honda Philippines Inc. visited Cebu to prepare for the coming of their supreme adviser and Honda Motors Japan second generation President Mr. Kawashima. Mr. Max Borromeo who was then just appointed as Honda Cars dealer for Cebu was requested by the two to help in the planning for the visit. So meticulous was the planning that they had to simulate every move a month before the coming. In one of those nights after the dry run, the three decided to relax and have a few drinks and sing a few songs at the newly opened Steve’s Karaoke located at Gen. Malixom St. It was on this particular night that Mr. Hasegawa whispered to Mr. Matsuyama a small request that was to be relayed by the latter to Mr. Borromeo. The request was simple and straight forward. He would like to invite Mr. Borromeo to become a Honda motorcycle dealer. Mr. Matsuyama added that it was always and also his dream when he was still heading the motorcycle business to capture Cebu’s market and become a dominant force in the area. This dream was never accomplished in his time and perhaps he would see it become a reality under Mr. Hasegawa. With the offer came the commitment that Mr. Borromeo would be trained as well as properly supported by HPI. While the latter did not accept the offer immediately, he promised to seriously consider the proposal.

August 4, 1993

On August 4, 1993, the supreme adviser arrived in Cebu and during a lunch at the Coral Reef hotel in Mactan, Mr. Matusyama and Mr. Hasegawa announced to Mr. Kawashima that Mr. Borromeo was going to be a motorcycle dealer aside from being a car dealer. Mr. Kawashima was delighted with announcement and jokingly advised Mr. Borromeo to be careful with the two gentlemen as they were dangerous. At that point, Mr. Borromeo realized that he had no other choice but to accept the dealership.

October 11, 1993

On October 11, 1993 Mr. Hasegawa together with Mr. Borromeo and Mr. Ager Kiocho flew to Bangkok and was met at the airport by Mr. Kitamura, the head of all the Honda companies in Thailand. For the next three days, he personally brought them to the different Honda facilities as well as dealers in and outside of Bangkok. He briefed Mr. Borromeo on the different aspects of motorcycle dealership and encouraged the latter to follow the Thailand model in dealer operations.

December 16, 1993

On December 16, 1993 Honda Motor World Inc. was incorporated. The name of the company was suggested by Mr. Hasegawa. On March 24, 1994 the first store was opened in Mandaue. Noted guests were Mr. Hasegawa himself together with Mayor Alfredo Ouano who cut the ceremonial ribbon. Since then, HMWI has branches in Cebu, Negros, Leyte, Northern Mindanao and Alabang. Its first General Manager was Mr. Joselito Omay and its first Chief Finance Officer is Mr. Edwin Suico. The rapid growth of the company can be attributed to both men. The first Branch Manager who headed Mandaue was Mr. Dodong Yu Vega who immediately captured a large market share from its competitors.

1994-Present Day

Awards received by HMWI have been impressive. It joined the exclusive millionaires club for spare parts in 1994. It also received a special citation for capturing a larger than expected market share on the same year. In 1995, it was the sixth largest Honda dealer in terms of sales as well as becoming the most improved spare parts dealer. It grabbed the no. 2 spot in sales nationwide in 1996 up to 1998. It is no. 1 in motorcycle sales among Honda Supreme Dealers.

Today HMWI is ably managed by Mr. Jose Daniel Borromeo as General Manager, Mr. Edwin Suico as Chief Finance Officer, Mr. Maxcy R. Borromeo as General Parts Manger and Area Manager for West Visayas, Ms. Belinda Rubio as Chief Finance Officer for HMWLI and Ms. Ann Cartagenas as HR Manager. The history of HMWI continue to be written by the Area Managers; Branch Managers, Credit Investigators, Bookkeepers, Accountants, Computer Programmers, Secretaries, Clerks, Janitors, Messengers and of course, the most important of all, the Customers.

With your support and help, the history of HMWI and HMWLI will continue to be written and be a never ending story….


Central Visayas
Mandaue and Cebu
Cagayan de Oro and Osamiz
Central Visayas
Argao, Bogo & Talibon

Eastern Visayas
Burauen, Maasin, Ormoc & Sogod

Central Visayas

Eastern Visayas
Western Visayas

Eastern Visayas


Central Visayas

Western Visayas
Central Visayas

Eastern Visayas

Western Visayas
Central Visayas

Eastern Visayas
Catabalogan & San Juan
Mandaluyong, Tanay, Pasay & Taguig
Calamba & Batangas




2nd Highest Volume in Motorcycle sales

Most improves Parts Dealer


2nd Highest Volume in motorcyle sales


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  • God and Family – One’s strong belief that God is the center of work and family through unwavering faith and conviction amidst hardships and even in fortune and embodying God’s grace and holiness always.
  • Accountability – Employee’s willingness to take ownership of every decision made and accept full responsibility regardless of the outcome.
  • Discipline – Employee’s adherence to rules and regulations set by the company and pursuance of the established systems and processes in order to stay focused on individual and organizational goals despite challenges and aversion.
  • Transparency – Employee’s characteristics that encompasses true and honest communication that can stem into beneficial relationship, open opportunities, minimize potential problems and achieve organizational objectives.
  • Integrity – Employee’s conformance to moral principles, ethical standards and corporate core values.
  • Meritocracy – Employee’s ability to recognize, acknowledge and honour genuine effort given through invaluable service, sacrifices and achievements.